Big Cat Regional Director

Big Cat Regional Director

Open your own Big Cat Goalkeeping Academy

What are we looking for?

  • We are looking for coaches who are able to represent the brand while keeping the name that has always been associated with premium service for producing the best youth goalkeepers.
  • Self starting individuals with an entrepreneurial drive
  • Student of the game
  • A goalkeeper coach who sees value in being a part of a team.


  • Must have played Professional or College Soccer.
  • Must be able to present the importance of each drill and how it relates to a game.
  • Must be current with the modern day goalkeepers function within a team.
  • Coaching USSF coaching licenses are preferred but not essential.
  • Must have good communication skills.
  • Must not be currently sponsored by any other Goalkeeper Glove brands.

Why should I look to open a Big Cat Goalkeeping Academy?

This opportunity would benefit the coaches by allowing a flexible schedule, which is particularly important during the soccer season. In addition, becoming a part of Big Cat allows access to a strong network of Big Cat coaches and great apparel which removes the hassles of creating an independent operation and establishing a brand alone. This allows more time to spend on improving and refining the training to make it the best it possibly can be.

    Our coaching staff currently consists of: 

    • US National Team Coaches
    • Professional soccer club coaches
    • USA Developmental Academy coaches
    • NCAA D1,2 and 3 coaches
    • NAIA Coaches
    • High School and travel coaches.

    All of which have flexible working schedules thanks to their affiliation with Big Cat Goalkeeping.

    In order to to join:

    1. Send Resume (video of a session preferred) to
    2. Schedule phone / Face Time session to see if we are a good fit for one another
    3. Check and sign the agreement

    After agreement is signed we will:

    • Issue website
    • Provide training methodology concepts
    • Promote your Big Cat Goalkeeping Academy
    • Receive Big Cat Goalkeeping glove bundle/Care Package
    • Have access to sessions past and present
    • Have a network of professional coaches to share ideas with
    • Business development support from Big Cat Goalkeeping founder Neil Thompson 

    If interested, please email