Big Cat Goalkeeping's Camp React is an established part of our youth goalkeeping experience. As we grow, we wish to push the envelope even further! Our intention is to improve the accessibility and quality of Camp React for our campers. We extend an invitation to those who wish to be involved in Camp React to become a meaningful Sponsor of our operation. 

Additional information on Camp React can be found here.

Why Sponsor Big Cat? 

  • Direct promotion of your company from our social media platforms with thousands of followers
  • Immediate exposure to hundreds of Camp React and Big Cat attendees each year
  • Subsidize the cost of attendance of Camp React for our youth players who wish to attend but are unable to afford (every $1000 helps fully fund camp for a player!)

What would Sponsorship look like?

Sponsorship deals are subject to the funding provided to Big Cat Goalkeeping. As a result, we will offer the following per each level of monetary contribution:

  • Level 1 (beginning at $1000)
    • Logo & direct link to your site from our website under "SPONSORS"
  • Level 2 (beginning at $3000, includes Level 1 benefits)
    • Social Media promotion via Big Cat Goalkeeping Instagram page (terms to be discussed)
  • Level 3 (beginning at $5000, includes all Level 1 & 2 benefits)
    • Small Logo placement on our Camp React Shirt (worn by every camper!) *Must be submitted by May 31
  • Level 4 (beginning at $10,000 includes all Level 1-3 benefits)
    • Large Logo placement on front of Camp React Shirt (worn by every camper!) *Must be submitted by May 31
    • "Camp React Powered by:__" title on our all of our Camp React advertisements, event pages, and information pages

If interested, please reach out directly to info@bigcatgoalkeeping.com and we will get back to you as soon as possible!

ALL sponsorship terms and conditions will be discussed and negotiated privately by a Big Cat Goalkeeping representative before a sponsorship deal is fully confirmed.

We look forward to working with you!