Our objective is to help guide the goalkeeper from where they are now to where they wish to end up.


GET ME TO COLLEGE/PROS: High school aged goalkeepers & Top prospects (GRADES 9-12 + qualifying prospects)

MY GOALKEEPING MENTOR: Aimed at goalkeepers dedicated to their craft (GRADES 6-8 )

This program is best suited for those who wish to go to college or to play professionally.

“Everyone in soccer has a journey that is unique to them; this format allows us to consult and devote real time and attention to advising the player based on their level and their needs. We designed this consulting group  for goalkeepers to have direct access to myself from their homes, just like the players we represent in the professional game. This program opens the door for me to directly iron out players’ worries or concerns regarding their future and enables me to help the players understand what is in their control. Now more than ever, I believe the players need someone to hold them accountable, exchange ideas, and keep the journey exciting and fun.” – Neil Thompson

How the program works:

  • x3 Zoom calls per week
  • Whats App will be used for daily communication with coach Neil Thompson. Here Neil will have the ability to keep up to date with match day performances, players emotions, players objectives, and players needs.
  • Players and parents will all have direct personal access to coach Neil should they need it!
  • The folder will be used for sharing documentation. (Example college recruitment videos, evaluations etc…)
  • Guest Speakers will join us via Zoom for live, fun, education, interactive meetings.
  • College recruitment and player development seminars


Zoom Mentor: Sunday – Wednesday – Friday. To assess the training week, discuss feedback, game preparations, post game discussion, college recruitment, career guidance etc…

Guest Speakers: 2 times per month. College and professional goalkeepers and coaches will be in a attendance.

So far we have had the likes of: Borussia Dortmund, AZ, Tottenham, Portsmouth, Livingston, Sporting Lisbon, Blackburn Rovers, Indiana University, Tulsa University, Notre Dame, Syracuse, US Youth National Team, Canadian National Team,  and many other top representatives on the chats with our goalkeepers)  These zoom calls will be live, interactive and intimate.

Whats app chat: Daily chat in the whats app group. Players will have access to Neil Directly and Neil will be utilizing the chat to give goalkeepers advice and to set goals and objectives for the goalkeepers.

Why choose this service? This service was created as a result of supply and demand. It is not possible for Neil to advise all players year round, so this will allow for access and priority to Neil’s time. Neil Thompson will be the direct point of contact for each player and they will have access to Neil on daily basis should they need to seek advice.

For this service we are recommending players to commit to at least a 6 month program. Why? So coach Neil can make the necessary plans for the players involved. We do offer a monthly option but we feel its better for planning purposes to commit at least 6 months.

“This is a legitimate mentoring program. I will be treating these goalkeepers with the same respect as I treat my professional players. I will be working hard to not only keep up to speed with their development but also to help show them and help create a pathway for the player to navigate through this crazy industry.  Whether the goal is to be a professional or a college level goalkeeper this program is priceless.” – Neil Thompson