Territory Coach

Territory Coaches are a supplemental representation of Big Cat goalkeeping. They have access to the same network and resources of Regional Head Coaches and are welcome to but not required to train within the Big Cat methodology. They do not need to attend/run Big Cat-specific weekly clinics, but they must wear, represent, and promote Big Cat whenever possible within club or team training. 


  • Create and run goalkeeper session plans at contracted youth Clubs independent of Big Cat goalkeeping.
  • Promote & encourage Big Cat supplemental training and gloves.
  • Represent Big Cat by wearing Big Cat gear at GK sessions.
  • Work summer Camps when asked, including Camp React Illinois


  • Must be be currently training or running goalkeeper clinics within clubs or independently of Big Cat.
  • Must have played Professional or College Soccer.
  • Must be able to present the importance of each drill and how it relates to a game.
  • Must be current with the modern goalkeeper's function within a team.
  • Must be available to attend Camp React Illinois (week-long residential Camp)

 If interested, please email info@bigcatgoalkeeping.com