The GK Mentor: Dr Big Cat
The GK Mentor: Dr Big Cat
The GK Mentor: Dr Big Cat
The GK Mentor: Dr Big Cat
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The GK Mentor: Dr Big Cat

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🌟 Unlock Your Potential with GK Mentor!

At Big Cat, we believe that everyone can benefit from support and guidance on their path to success. That's why we've created a program that acts as a professional club and a qualified football agent, dedicated to helping players reach their full potential.

Who can benefit from our program?

- Goalkeepers looking for advice on college recruitment.
- Aspiring professional goalkeepers exploring a pro pathway.
- Goalkeepers determined to improve their skills.
- Individuals seeking an optimal training environment.
- Goalkeepers in need of guidance for tryouts at any level.
- Keepers looking for mental support and guidance.
- Parents seeking insights into the soccer landscape.

Why choose The GK Mentor with Dr Big Cat?

Neil, the Founder and Director of Big Cat Goalkeeping and a Registered Soccer Agent, brings a wealth of experience to the table. With a background in representing professional soccer players and serving as a Former US Youth National Team Coach, his expertise is unmatched. His tenure as a former NCAA D1 GK Coach has contributed to the success of over 200 goalkeepers who have gone on to play in college.

Upon registration, a dedicated Big Cat representative will promptly reach out to schedule a convenient call with you.

Our objectives are clear:

- Comprehensive College Recruitment Blueprint: Expert guidance to navigate the recruitment process successfully.
- Path to Pro Blueprint (if applicable): Tailored strategies for aspiring professional athletes to excel in their sport.
- Nutrition Lessons: Expert dietary guidance to optimize performance and well-being.
- Recruitment Video Creation Guide: Assistance in crafting an impressive video to impress college coaches and recruiters.
- Goal Setting and Clarity for the Future: Define and achieve objectives with a motivating plan.
- Establishing Positive Habits and Routines: Develop winning habits for improved performance.
- Maximizing Your Training Environment: Make the most of your training space, wherever you are.
- Becoming Self-Sufficient: Empower yourself to take control of your training and development.

Exciting Packages & Bundles Await You:

🌟The Mentor: Professional guidance with 24-hour text access. Great for feedback and game analysis.

🌟The Mentor + One-on-One Call Time: Elevate your game with direct access to Neil through texts and calls.

All packages include personalized support and opportunities for direct communication with Neil.

The next start date is November 1st. Get ready to supercharge your journey to success with Path to Pro! 🌟👟

Program Features:

The Mentor Package:

- Experience a pro player's relationship with an advisor or agent.
- Discuss game clips and receive feedback from Neil, similar to his pro clients.
- Advice on college recruitment and career advancement.
- Schedule: Pre and post-game check-ins + Text Support


- Initial Consultation: Evaluate skills, strengths, weaknesses, and areas for improvement.
- Game Analysis: Identify areas for improvement through video analysis (using your own footage).
- Weekly Pre and Post-Game Check-Ins: Address any concerns and provide support.

The Pro:

- The ultimate package we offer.
- Direct access to Neil for feedback on game clips and personal calls.
- In-depth programming for college recruitment and career advancement.


- Initial Consultation, Game Analysis, Weekly Calls (Pre and Post-Game), Development Seminars, and Ongoing Support.
- Weekly One-on-One Check-In Calls: Schedule calls for personalized advice and feedback with Neil on a weekly basis.

Program Benefits:

- Customized Weekly Workout Plans/Ideas
- Goal and Habit Plans
- Weekly Phone Call Check-Ins
- WhatsApp Video Feedback
- Text and Voice Note Support
- Prompt Responses to Questions and Concerns
- College Recruitment Advice and Support
- Mental Support
- Encouragement
- Community
- Upcoming Community Group (Coming Soon!)
- Book Your Own Call Time with the Coach

Subscription Details:

- All packages are offered on a monthly basis.
- Rolling subscription for continuous progress throughout the season and holidays.